I can be available to consult with you or your organization on a specific project, or lead a strategic session with your team.


I have a lot to say on the subject of education and am often asked to speak and share my thoughts. I would love to come to your event or school.


I am often asked to write curriculum for new education initiatives at both the College level and Elementary levels. I love thinking of ways to innovate teaching so students can learn on their own terms.

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Inspiring Teams

I have worked hard to build excellent teams and inspire them to reach beyond the norms. The early childhood team we built at Orange County Public Schools led the state and nation in exemplary programs serving young children in an inclusive model.

The skills I used with the Central Florida YMCA and Walt Disney World to plan, establish, and run 2 large child development centers for cast members children was an extraordinary gift back to the community.

Serving Florida Virtual School by starting the elementary program, again, set us apart with our creativity and desire for excellence.

This history shows in my passion, actions and accomplishments.


If ones past predicts their future, I will continue to create excellence for children and families, on every project I am invited to explore. We owe it to our children and their children.

Workshop Topics Include


  • Teach Children how they learn
  • What you can do to boost children’s brain power
  • Reading and Young Children
  • How cities work
  • How children learn online
  • Child development, what difference does it make
  • Matching the basics with child development
  • Fine Motor Skills for Early Childhood teachers and parents
  • Key Components to learn to read
  • The brain, what difference does it make?
  • Brain compatible learning
  • How children learn
  • How to implement elementary virtual programs
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Other Titles


  • FETC, January, 2019   “Components of successful virtual programs for elementary students”
  • National Association of Elementary Principals Conference, June, 2018
  • Elementary Virtual Education, why it works and how to get started.
  • Rollins Institute of lifelong learning      “How Cities Work”
  • Early Childhood Webinars “How young children learn online”
  • Week-long “early childhood and the arts” seminars


I believe all children deserve what I was provided an opportunity for success


Lets Work Together.

Let's talk about how we can change education together and improve the lives of teachers and children.