Our first duty to children

“Our first duty to children is to make them happy, if we do not do so we have wronged them and no good we give them can take the place of that.”
No amount of praise or medals or even glory can substitute for joy. Being joyful – happy- is a feeling of well being of being cared for, of knowing you are safe and secure.  Security begins when babies feel their parents are there for them.
I love watching my grandchild when her mom and/or dad come home from work. She never takes her eyes off them. She follows them everywhere they walk. She is joyful that they are with her. It is so easy to see and hear delight in a baby. Babies don’t disguise their joy. She smiles because she is genuinely happy to see them.  This is the best gift they can give her. Security is the building block that will stay with one forever. So much evolves in ones self image and self assurance when they feel secure. Others feel that security and flourish around it.

Remember how you felt when your child ran into your arms and you scooped them up and held them tight because you missed them so much?  Think about the joy you feel when someone reaches out to you because they simply want to be near you. People flock to people who help them feel positive and love to be around those who make them laugh.
As we grow older, we don’t see it as easily or express it as much, but people seek out people who are joyful. They are just more fun to be around. It’s that old story about it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown and yep, honey does catch more flies than vinegar.

How does your face look to your children – do you show joy?
How do you show joy, and do you see it in others?

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