A grandparents job

Whether you call me Mimi, granny, Gigi or nana, just call me- that’s what I tell my grandchildren. I love being a grandmother and here’s why – I am not the mom! I don’t do discipline. In fact, grandma’s and papas are not here to be disciplinarians, we already did that and that is a parent’s job. We are here to enjoy you, to spoil you, to cater to your every whim and to shower you with love and affection. We get to celebrate your successes, no matter how small – like rolling over and creeping then finally walking and skipping then playing on sports teams and winning and/or losing the matches. Our task is to enjoy you and your task is to let us.
If you want to do a “spa day” for me- yes, that’s playdough on my face I gladly endured because they loved doing it, then celebrate your grandchildren’s creativity and care. Isn’t it cool? Your grandchildren determining what they can do for you after all the time you have spent figuring out what you can do for them.
Enjoy your grandchildren in a way you could not enjoy your own children. I love to do crafts with them and read to them and even play crazy run and hide games. Once I was at the ballpark with my grandson and I was running around the bases and this grand mom sitting in the stands said,” I don’t do that”, well I do. It’s the same when I put this 70-year-old skin in a bathing suit and head to the pool, no one cares, least of all me. Being in the water with them beats just watching. I dearly love “playing with” my grandchildren and love that they want me to play. I knew I was doing my job when some other pool six- year-old boys wanted to know if I was going to be back at the pool on Friday so we could play some more. This is where the memories come from and how we will be remembered.
What’s the most fun you have with your grandchild?

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