Age is a state of mind

Learn Something New

People say age is a state of mind. How will we keep our brains sharp and be relevant for the future if we don’t try something new? Simple, you won’t, unless you make a targeted effort to keep learning, try something new, especially if it’s hard.

I took on a huge task – to teach a mixed mode college class. Mixed mode means some classes are online and some are face to face. My forte is face to face, that’s where I’m comfortable.  I read the faces of the people I’m with and I can get them moving, going, learning.  However, students prefer online learning, for all kinds of reasons (all valid because they belong to the learner), so I had to change. I dearly love teaching prospective teachers’ best practices to use with young children. I’ve been there. I know this, I can do it, but the amount of time I’ve put into learning the LMS (Learning Management  System) is beyond imagination. I’ve tried to invent new ways to present and it’s been fun, frustrating and fruitful.  I am getting it, sometimes!

I am constantly reminded of Piajet and the theory of assimilation and accommodation with equilibrium and disequilibrium. Central to his theory is disequilibrium must exist to learn, so I’m smart again. I mean, really smart, because I am so proud of figuring about half of it out. I don’t even pretend to know it all, but it’s a new challenge, a new skill and I feel like I’m sort of mastering it, finally.

How long has it been since you tried something new, something you’ve never done before, something that’s a challenge? This my friends will keep us young because we are always learning.


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