I believe teachers can change the world

My past and future determine my goals, always with my values central to decisions.  My greatest satisfaction comes from helping others. It is why I got into teaching, to change the world one child at a time, and why I continue to teach.

Teaching teachers to teach is vital while igniting the passion most teachers have towards this life of service.

This is my ultimate goal. If teachers passionately believe, have the skills and desire, the students will benefit and ultimately our world becomes a better place.

I believe all students deserve the best we can offer. I want to ensure our teachers possess the skills necessary and ability to share that desire with their students.

My experiences, my examples and the structure I provide gives educators what they need to be successful.

It is my calling to be the difference maker who helps determine the best solutions for our children, our leaders of tomorrow.


children jumping

Who I Am

I have so many things people call me and I wear many hats. They include:

  • Wife
  • Mom
  • Grandmom
  • School Teacher
  • Elected City Official
  • Speaker
  • Writer
  • Volunteer

And each one of these titles I take very seriously.  As a principal I considered myself the head teacher, the example, the leader who paved the way to go with her staff. I asked teachers to go alongside me and we built a strong team. The belief that we are stronger together is apparent in all my successes, and my ability to build a high performing team is as evident in my family as it is in my work.

    Working alongside staff to get the most productive and creative solutions for students is my gift. I work well with all groups and establish team and strong working relationships.

    Susan Kovalik a well known educator says;

    “learning takes a back seat until relationships have been developed in the classroom. "

    Other Participants say;

    "Not only do her teams perform at optimum level, they work together well into the future after working with Sarah.  Sarah also makes presentations meaningful to participants with her style, wit and concrete examples. Because Sarah has been there, her credibility is key to sharing her success. Whether searching for ways to improve your early childhood classrooms or implement blended learning, Sarah can provide the help you need to show success."


Let's work together.

Let's talk about how we can change education together and improve the lives of teachers and children.